Why Google AdWords?

Google AdWords can be one of the most effective tools for service companies looking to find new customers. Why? Because Google has a significant market share—and when someone goes to Google to look for the service you offer, chances are they’re interested. Unlike many traditional advertising channels, Google can put you directly in front of people who are ready to buy.

But AdWords is complicated—and to effectively manage a campaign requires both knowledge and years of experience.

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Why Google AdWords?
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“Ryan and his team did a wonderful job”

Our company has been working closely with Ryan and the great team at Growth Steps for the past four years. The relationship started with a complete redesign of our website, branding, and SEO. Ryan and his team did a wonderful job redoing our site, and getting us higher in the rankings on the major search engines. We noticed a noticeable increase in both traffic to our new site and to our physical store as well. From then on, Growth Steps has handled all of our marketing campaigns (including Google AdWords and Facebook) and has really driven growth at our company. I think the best thing about working with everyone at Growth Steps is how responsive they are to any and all concerns or questions. Ryan is always able to explain things in a way that anyone involved in the conversation can understand (even if it's a technical question or answer). They are wonderful to work with and really deliver on what they say they will do. Thanks alot for all your help over the years!

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Low-Risk Google AdWords Management
For Service Companies

No Contracts

No Contracts

We’ll deliver the results you deserve or you can cancel at any time.

Flat Rate Pricing

Flat Rate Pricing

You’ll get transparent pricing for our AdWords management services.

Flexible Budget

Flexible Budget

You won’t be locked into a budget, you can make adjustments any time.

The Right Tool + The Right Person =Big Results

Everything else being equal, the effectiveness of a tool really depends on the skill of the person using that tool. Wouldn’t you agree?

Yes,  we are experts in using AdWords, but we are not the only ones. So why choose us?  Because...we specifically partner with service companies. Through these relationships we have gained valuable insight into the service industry enabling us to create and manage Adwords Campaigns for service businesses more effectively and efficiently.

This means more leads for every dollar you invest and faster results...often results can be seen in the first day or two.

But We’ve Tried AdWords...It Doesn’t Work for Our Business!

If you’ve tried AdWords before, but didn’t achieve the results you hoped for…don’t assume that the tool (Google AdWords) was the problem.

Often an audit of an Adwords account that “didn’t work” will show it wasn’t set up and managed properly—rather than something caused by AdWords itself.

If your AdWords account is underperforming, we can help you turn it around.

We Stay Up to Date So You Don’t Need to

All of our Google AdWords Managers have passed Google’s AdWords Certification exam.

What’s more, we’re constantly learning new techniques to make sure you're always at the front of the pack.

This allows you to focus on what you do best and lets us find you more customers.

Ready to Grow With AdWords?

Ready to Grow With AdWords?

Want to learn if our Google AdWords Management
is the right fit for your service company?

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We’ll deliver the results you deserve or
you can cancel at any time.


We highly recommend it. Even if you are ranking #1 organically for a particular search term, you are still placed below any ads Google displays, lowering your placement in the search results by as many as 5 places from the top of the page. Often people click on these ads because they are at the very top. Therefore to improve the likelihood of someone clicking through to your website you would need to increase your exposure in the search results.

There is a one time setup fee to build the campaign and then a flat monthly rate to manage the campaign based on the size of the account and amount of time needed to effectively manage the campaign. You will pay any advertising costs directly to Google.

Typically you will start receiving leads in the first week and sometimes on the first day. This is largely dependant on the number of people searching for your services in your area and the budget you allocate towards the campaign.

We primarily work with B2C service based companies so we have tried and tested strategies that produce results quickly, saving time and money. Our pricing is transparent, the monthly management fee is fixed and is not dependant on your advertising budget with AdWords.

No. You can cancel our management service at any time.

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